Territorio de la Mente

TERRITORIO DE LA MENTE, 2012 – 200/150cm
Collage, print on Canson gray, Helvetica Neu typography.
Presented at the 2012 edition of circuits Madrid.

“Territorio de la mente” is a series of 5 participatory works that began in September 2010 and is still in process. The series consists of the following cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nantes, Algers.
During the first 5 months I invited the inhabitants of those cities by postal mail to tell me about their street, whatever experience they considered relevant… what it stands for, its daily life, work, home, childhood ….
When people answered, I printed their phrases and little by little the city map was completed. For the project to continue living, I have set upa website, so that people can continue sending me their texts and I can continue building a map of sensations.