Recordando Experiencia

Series of 4 drawings
Drawings made with color pencils

Tamir • Alger / Madrid – Darja • Lubjana / Madrid
Ismaïl • Casablanca / Madrid – Andreï • Sofia/Madrid
The piece is composed of four drawings representing each one a different human silhouette.
The four drawings are titled by the name of the model and its cities of origin and destination.
Each drawing associates a human body to the topology of a road, a road of migration between its original country to their actual country.
The silhouette is drawn to its real size, in this case they respect the proportions of Daria, Ismaïl, Andreï and Tamir.
Once executed the silhouette, I add them level curves associated to the road each person made.
The head represents the origin point, feet represent the end of the trip, and the body is the road made from point A to point B.
Example: Ismaïl • Casablanca/Madrid
The body is composed of a mosaic that represents fragments of colors found in the road, as if each experience added to another one could create a landscape, an identity.
The drawings are made in an empirical manner, as we can see in the sketches to the right.