Miradas desplazadas

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MIRADAS DESPLAZADAS – 2013 – 150/50/30cm Installation cuts and pins Set of silhouettes cut and mounted on pins. The silhouettes are drawn from the Canadian and U.S. national archives. Representing European immigrants at their arrival to the islands of quarantine: … Continue reading

Sommets d’Europe

picosdeeuropa2 © 2013 francoisevanneraud. All rights reserved.

Sommets d’Europe,(european sunmits) 2013 – 150/50cm wood, cherry cut the bandsaw Sommets d’Europe, is a sculpture depicting a mountain chain, made from the statistics provided by the United for intercultural action organization on the number of illegal immigrants who have … Continue reading


desplazamiento1-low © 2013 francoisevanneraud. All rights reserved.

DESPLAZAMIENTO – dimensiones variables .Esencias de madera recortadas Cada madera recortada, representa el desplazamiento de una persona entre su lugar de nacimiento y su lugar de residencia actual. Las maderas están recortadas en función de la curva de nivel que fue … Continue reading

Map of the possible

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MAP OF THE POSSIBLE – 2013 – 100/140 cm Mixed media, clouds cut from paper of newspaper and installed with pins. World map made from clouds and skies found in newspapers during 2012. Clouds

Geography of hope

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GEOGRAPHY OF HOPE – 2013 – 30/55/15cm Series of 15 books, each one about one facet of the Spanish exile to France, books in French or Castilian. The set of books is cut in correlation to a graph representing the … Continue reading

Habitar la Frontera

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LIVING ON THE BORDER – 2013 – Variable dimensions The installation consists of approximately 350 small-format drawings, attached to the wall with pins, made from images of inmigrants found in the press or the internet i change and redraws Placed … Continue reading

Cartografía Turbia

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CARTOGRAFIA TURBIA, 2012 – 250/200/100cm Installation and drawing. Aluminum panels covered with paper “Cartografía turbia” is a Project developed around the district of Tetuán, in Madrid, during the year 2012 and with the sponsorship of the center of contemporary art … Continue reading

An Epic of Humanity

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AN EPIC OF HUMANITY, 2012 – 200/300/350cm Installation, charcoal painted paper and roots. An epic of humanity is a research project on historical memory. In this project I use the oral testimony of exiles from the civil war to build … Continue reading

Hope Seems Fragile

IMG_2304_low © 2012 francoisevanneraud. All rights reserved.

HOPE SEEMS FRAGILE, 2012 – 300/250/50cm Installation of 52 drawings, made in different papers. Different sizes, mixed techniques. Hope seems fragile is an installation composed of several drawings, framed in passe-partout and attached to the wall by a wooden stick, … Continue reading

The Future of a Promise

IMG_1884 copy © 2012 francoisevanneraud. All rights reserved.

THE FUTURE OF A PROMISE, 2012 – 200/150cm Black and white serigraphy on cotton textile, 10 units. In “The Future of a Promise”, drawings and characters converge. It is a cloth made to dry your hands in a bathroom, on … Continue reading

Territorio de la Mente

IMG_8538 copia_low © 2012 francoisevanneraud. All rights reserved.

TERRITORIO DE LA MENTE, 2012 – 200/150cm Collage, print on Canson gray, Helvetica Neu typography. Presented at the 2012 edition of circuits Madrid. “Territorio de la mente” is a series of 5 participatory works that began in September 2010 and … Continue reading