Cartografía Turbia

CARTOGRAFIA TURBIA, 2012 – 250/200/100cm
Installation and drawing. Aluminum panels covered with paper
“Cartografía turbia” is a Project developed around the district of Tetuán, in Madrid, during the year 2012 and with the sponsorship of the center of contemporary art “Matadero”, Madrid.
This artistic work invites the spectator to reflect about human memory and its transmission, by building a work based solely on the stories that people convey the author.
The project is based on the mismatches that human memory may suffer depending on the various parameters inherent in life, such as the specifics of personal time/space, background or emotions, as well as questions concerning the interpretation, in this case graphical, of how can memory be transmitted.
To perform the project, it was proposed to fifty people to answer with a text the following question: “How was the district of Tetuán between the years 1940 and 1980?, describe to me the architecture, sounds, atmosphere, people, feelings of the neighborhood at that time. Based solely on these inputs, the author makes graphic representations through drawings to capture the vision, memories and emotions that each person had on the neighborhood.
Despite the apparent simplicity of the experiment, it carries the germ of a myriad of issues, paradoxes and pitfalls that are revealed as constitutive elements of any representation. The goal is not only to study these complex problems but also to find formal solutions as alternatives to traditional modes of representation.
The installation consists of 22 layers (each reflecting a vivid memory) that accumulate vertically. Formally, the structure evokes the look of a computer hard drive, where countless data is accumulated on top of each other, hiding the oldest to show only the most recent.